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I have always had a strong sense of knowing what looks great on people, and foreseeing future styles that will be coming through with trends.

First and foremost, my ultimate goal is to work with my clients to show them how to refine their own style, and reveal themselves. This is a great experience that we both do together as it can be an intimate time letting me in to your personal space. I take an honest approach with you when it comes to what you see, and what I see.

I’m passionate about sharing tips, and shedding any anxieties regarding your wardrobes and style. It is too easy to put on the same pieces due to boredom, or simply losing the confidence to say to yourself “shit yeah, I feel great and I look great”! I take a warm approach and relaxed manner towards clients, and take pride in making my clients feel at ease as this can be a delicate time for clients to have someone in their personal space. 

When it comes to styling, I rarely use the “Colours” method. I feel this isn’t a hugely necessary part of what I do. I am good at being able to see what does suit, but is not something I adhere to.

Whether you are any size, any age I’ll help you develop a wardrobe to inspire you and make you feel great from the inside out. I love being able to show how inspiring your current wardrobe already is, then reorganising it all, to help take away the overwhelming feeling.

Budgets should not constrict your taste, and it's my job to help put the puzzles together for you, so you can go forward with a good knowledge to try anything on. My goal is to give you the knowledge to stop filling the void of buying and re buying the same styles over and over, whether this is in a list form, or other, but essentially to save you money in the long run.

So give me a call, or get in touch by email above and we can set the ball rolling around what it is you feel you need.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me, and who and what I am.

Lou x







Tel or Text    0272 464 604

 or                    03 312 6285

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