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With my week ahead, it dawned on me as cliche as it sounds, that if you do dream or envisage it, and live like it's actually possible, it can come true!

I very much believe this to be true!

I’ve become a regular writer, and make a habit daily, whether it’s blogs, just thoughts, creative ideas, or notes on where I want to be with my business or home life.

I get out whatever is going on in my head, (most... not all... some has to stay locked up and unleashed) because if it stays there, I'll either forget it, self implode, or miss an opportunity to follow that inspiration down a rabbit hole of creativity which can lead to bigger and better.

Since I’ve become all “like a real stylist and stuff” I’ve started to listen to my gut on a few more things. It dawned on me that I’d better start writing down my dreams and goals for what it is that I want to give to the world as me “Lou The Stylist”.

I have always wanted to provide a platform to inspire, be someone who writes fashion on an everyday inspiring level, and give my clients someone who can be their confidant while having an honest empathetic knowledgeable opinion on style and fashion. I’ve read once with every business there should always be Three P’s, Purpose, Passion and People and that’s a stickler for me.

One big goal I wrote down earlier this year, was to not only be a Christchurch stylist, but be a Stylist who could reach both islands of NZ, and officially this week I can now say that dream has come to fruition.

So this weekend, instead of heading to The Race’s here in Christchurch, I’m now heading to Auckland to look after my first two Nth Island clients.

I’m not only blown away by being asked to head up there to help, but am very humbled by this. I can’t wait to meet and spend time with them them both over 4 days. It’s real “pinch me moment” stuff and one that makes me realise that anything is possible.

I wrote this while sitting in a beautiful part of Brisbane in Fortitude Valley on Sunday afternoon, surrounded by stunning stores... and it made me think about my next lot of goals...I'm thinking why stop at NZ, and go all out International Stylist..haha. I'm researching and currently looking into packages, I think this could be an amazing way to encompass groups of friends or take 1 or 2 people.

Picture this...

Landing into Brisbane,

Setting up in a nice Hotel,

You, me... A pre-made list of items we need to look for made by yours truly,

Sitting down post store visits with a cocktail in hand,

Even as I write this, I'm like "who's with me" and can I get a "yes.. yes, yo!!"

You written anything down lately??

X Lou

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