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I'll use ANY excuse to dress up. Cup and Show week is the one week here in Canterbury where it becomes one big excuse to get your friends together, quaff bubbles and put on your finery.

You may have already sorted the outfit, or not, but I've created a list of some good tips and styles for all you Filly's to prevent any mares. ( lame joke.. sorry )

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

1. Think conservative, but with a touch of sexy is my "motto" when it comes to Race day.

When I say "a touch" I mean that. You don't want to be sitting down and have your dress or skirt riding up your legs, or sitting on the grass and everyone being able to see your lunch. Keep it clean..

If going shorter, keep part of the arms covered to balance the look,

or If opting for strapless, maybe think about going longer below the knee.

Pic courtesy of Flemington.com.au

2. Wear a style that suits your shape. Stick to your style, and you can't go wrong.

Tailoring to your silhouette is an elegant way to show your figure, but adding in a sexy as pair of heels takes it to the next level.

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

3. You do you! sure you can emulate, and try things out, but I've seen so many times people "recreate" an exact look that they may have seen on either a celeb has worn or an outfit already that has won a previous overseas Cup day around the world.

Embrace colour, and all the amazing fabrics and shapes that are around. So much goodness to see.

Bec Hewitt looking very mighty fine in this ensemble.

4. Think about longevity. Sometimes when we look to purchase for an event such as this, we think "one-off" and my suggestion is the think "what else will or can I wear this too".

Be creative, and add in things like stand-out head wear and accessories. It's the ONE time you have an excuse to get bold as you like with accessories.

When starting to choose, pick one stand-out and go from there, the rest will follow easily.

Don't forget you can always hire outfits or accessories as a great way to extend the budget!

5. I'm definitely vibing the long dress look, and matching pant suit at the moment, covering both bases of femininity and my favourite androgyny at the same time..

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

6. Do you have to matchy match??? simply, no you don't. I think it's a good idea to yes, find some elements that match. I personally find it the easy way out when matching absolutely everything from your shoes, bag, nails and head wear a bit much and too traditional.

Find an feature and match that, maybe its a spot that you could match, and highlight with in a subtle way, and match the hat with the colour of the spots.

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

7. Remember, if there is potential that you could wear this outfit to "da clubz" then it's a definite no-no to the Races.

The Hilton Sisters, Melbourne Cup, looking ready for Da Club.

8. If you are in certain areas whether it's Members or General, sometimes there can be strict codes. It is a good idea to check these prior as well. but to be more safe than sorry, I say bring back the old school "dress to impress" regardless! you can't go wrong.

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

9. Do you choose a Hat, head band, fascinator.. clips, head scarf even?? The choice is yours, so keep it true to the rest of your outfit.

10. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate..I need to take a leaf out of my own sage advice. Don't be the dick at the end of the day passed out on the Lindauer Lawn. (this has not been me in case you're wondering? I'm SLIGHTLY more classy..

Have a fabulous week, I'm off to a wedding in Straya at the end of this week, then it's all about the races.

X Lou

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