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Years ago I had a bit of an epiphany...or maybe it was just the fashion juju sending me the chills to take notice.

Pic by ZARA

From a very young age my intuition, or gut instinct has very loudly at times shown me when things are meant to be. Fashion has certainly been one aspect that has blown me away with how on the money my instinct has been.

This sounds hugely materialistic, but years ago I had this overwhelming feeling to wear this particular item, it sent shivers and a spine tingling feeling through my body. This loud voice (OMG, now that I write this, it sounds nuts!!!).

Basically this voice made me feel like “This is going to be the next big thing, so just stay on your path, and don’t worry about what others think”… So I did, and still do. It showed me that I was right, and I’ve never stopped seeing and feeling those “That style is going to be huge” feels.

I had this exact feeling about 5 years ago when I saw a Bum Bag, and I mentioned it to someone, and they thought I was mad..look how that blew up everywhere.

Intuition played a part while part owning an online clothing store a few years ago, and then being a buyer for another store. It was easy to pick the winners outright which gives you an edge. When you trust your gut, it's always right.. (mostly.. not always.. but that is subjective).

Now in my role as Personal Stylist being intuitive helps me a lot with my clients.

Allowing being able to really feel what suits each person, what will allow them going forward with confidence with "their" style and ultimately their lifestyle.

I love being able to impart this fashion knowledge, whether it's Female or Male, as everyone deserves to feel their best. As we know, clothing has a huge part to play on how we feel. Choosing the right styles for clients is just something i'm coaching, not showing you to do.

Spring is a time of the year that we feel refreshed, rejuvenated and will normally look at our wardrobes for either a huge overhaul, or a “spring clean” as we would call it.

Longer days also bring a renewed feeling of Summer is around the corner, and we look to the international catwalks to see what trends are filtering through to our shores, but also I love that we have our own fashion sense of identity here in NZ is driven by our inspiration to stand out above the rest of the world without trying.

With seasonal trends always comes designers and brands wanting to sell their latest designs which is understandable, and we lap it up wholeheartedly with a sense of “gimme, gimme, gimme”.

It’s easy to forget that we often already have either something already similar, OR next week there will be the next big ticket item and it becomes something that we can’t keep up with. I am totally guilty of this at times, and my one rule I have is that I question whether I actually need it, I sleep on it, and then if I still love it, I justify that I can make at least 5 outfits with the said item.

With each trend that comes and goes, it is wise generally to stay away from the real trends that standout, but rather go for the muted timeless version that will stand the test of time. e.g Bright animal print dresses or skirts that are coming through, opt for the skirt or that you can team with multiple items, or go for a neutral toned version.

OR if you just actually love love love, and can't live without it, then by all means go for it. BUT wear it, even to the supermarket if it means you'll be getting your cost per wear.

So using my JuJu vibes, these are my Summer picks for this coming Spring/Summer. You don't need to take this as gospel, you don't even have to go out and buy anything.. it's just a "I like, and it's likely what you'll start to see"

A Sept to April dress

A great simple shaped dress that can be worn with heels, sneakers, a fur, a leather jacket or denim will take you through all sorts of events and weather.

Street Style courtesy of Pinterest

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

Sustainable fashion

From using recycled materials to create clothes, to recycling programs [H&M], to thrift and vintage shopping. This is the way forward. I personally am an advocate for holding onto your great pieces, re wearing, selling on the unloved and buying well.

This allows you to update and refresh and have considered it intensely before so, or buying second hand.

My friends and I swap clothes too as a way to get things used. I think there is a certain connotation that comes with the thought of buying someone else's stuff, but you need to get over it. It means less stuff in the dump, less space in your wardrobe and that can only be a good thing right?

Leather everything (well not real Leather.. you get it)

It's not just about having a "leather jacket" anymore. It's about the shorts, the shirt, and the coat.

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

Pastels Everything

Get ready for the tone of the season. It's pretty, it can be preppy and it will go with surprisingly a lot more than you think!!

Think outside the normal comfort zone for this one.

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

Pic courtesy of Pinterest


I've briefly mentioned this before, and I am welcoming this trend. Put away your dresses, skirts and active wear for one moment. Embrace the warmer weather with wearing the Bermuda shorts your way. I imagine them with a really beautiful blouse and killer heels.

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

Coloured Animal

Inspired by the 80's, the hotly coloured animal print has been here for a while, and doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. Rixo delivered us beautiful vintage inspired designs which has become refreshingly the norm to see and I like it.

Pic courtesy of Pinterest


Shoulder Pads, power dressing, even Tie-die.. You get it.

If we start seeing "The Snorks" appearing in fashion we're in trouble.

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

Pic Courtesy of Pinterest

Simplified Couture

The die-hard's may tell me that you can't "simplify couture" and I absolutely agree.

While there will always be a place for Couture, there will always be a place in the fashion world for when beautiful things trickle down into High St stores for everyone. This over the top, heavily ballooned style has started already appearing and I can see why this is starting traction. I know for a fact that some of the worlds couture wearers are heavily into buying High st fashion.

Pic Courtesy of Pinterest

This was available at ZARA but I believe may have sold out recently.

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

Preppy- (This can be for the Men too..)

One of my favourite looks on a guy is a simple shirt and jeans with a good sports coat. (there's something about a Ralph Lauren shirt. I think it's the small polo logo on the horse. It will never go out of fashion. Get's me every-time... shhhhh i'm thinking about Daniel Craig.

Pic courtesy of Pinterest

This modern day prep look has some more edge, for the Men think an appealing array of coloured shirts, and socks to show off. Cheeky emblazoned cardigans with the actual words "Preppy" on them to make a cheeky point, and cricket jerseys for Men and Women just like the ones I thieved off my brother from private school days.

For the ladies, think a classic shirt with some ruffle, but team with a tailored pencil skirt and your finest pearl earrings under a tailored blazer.

I'd love to hear from you regarding any thoughts you have have in requiring my services for all your wardrobe needs.

You can email me any time on louise@livestylelove.co.nz or text or call 0272464604

Lou x

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