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The Polo Edit

Fwah fwhaa fwhaaaa dahhhling… it’s the Powlowww season, so get your stacked heels to stomp the divits, your widest brimmed hat and your best Pretty Woman fist pump impression “Whoop Whoop” (please tell me I’m not the only one who does that?)

I was super pumped for The Polo this year in Christchurch, but I’m having to Jet set away to Auckland that week/weekend (don’t feel too sorry for me). As I can’t be there, I thought I’d write some notes, give you my official guide to this stylish sporting event coming on the 28th of Feb.

There is a somewhat “dress code” that is so appealing to me when it comes to the Polo. It’s not wedding attire, not as swanky as the Horse races, and it’s not too casual that you could head to the bar with your girlfriends on a Sat afternoon. So what’s the balance?


As I’ve said in the past, there is no point wearing something for the sake of it, if you’re not going to feel like you. So find something that show’s off you and your personality. We can sometimes get sucked into buying something just for a one off event, and potentially NEVER wear it again. I was sent some images from a client the other day asking my opinion, and I said “You’ll never wear that again” and she agreed. Outfit averted…

It's great to go all out and wear bright prints, she does look super confident!

Choose something you'll love, feel great in, and have the pleasure of wearing again..


Think garden party mixed with summer bbq, and a dash of Ascot

There’s a feeling joie de vivre in the air when it comes to the frivolous temperament of the Polo, and it’s all about playing up to that. Think fun fabrics, floaty shapes, hot silhouettes and patterns when it comes to your outfits. Not just the ladies, this is the Men too!


Don’t underestimate the power of the accessories for your outfit, they will become the power player more than any other sporting event..(This is not the time for the fascinator… ) Think Hats, head bands, head scarves, stand out belts, multiple bangles, soft textured handbags, wicker or fabric elements..And don’t forget the sunglasses!! Can someone PLEASE do a bucket hat!!!!


I’m all demure when it comes to these sorts of things (I’m not really), but I am when it comes to dressing for something that is appropriate. I feel this is one place where you can shorten a hemline, and downplay with a fun short skirt, playsuit or shorts and wear with floaty tops, one shoulders or shorts and blazer combo’s. You can bare some skin, but just remember IT”S STILL THE POLO!!


(I now can't get that Six60 song out of my head)

You’re going to be standing, stomping and standing some more so make it comfortable. Your shoes are going to be either your best friend or your worst enemy at the end of the day, so choose wisely. At least they won’t argue back when it’s time to leave and you want to stay longer..

This isn’t the place for a stiletto, so opt for an ankle friendly wedge, or strapped stacked heel. OR even a pretty sandal. Just whatever it is, think about your overall look you are trying to achieve.


I do, do men,(That sounded weird) but I don’t have many on my books at present, but this is I find is generally because they are QUITE happy to walk into a store once a year with their wives or partners and say “I don’t like shopping, give me my years’ worth of chino’s, patterned shirts, tee’s, and ohhh.. yeah nah give me that hat too”

ladies… listen…. Take your man to take a look at his wardrobe, and say “let’s play it up for the polo”. Think matching shorts and sports coats, crisp blue shorts and cream chino’s, don’t forget the belts, pocket scarves, funked up hats and trilby’s.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

I’ve been at numerous events in the past where alcohol gets the better of people. Its human nature to get judgey, rude and just darn right offensive, so take care of yourself and enjoy the day. If you see an outfit you like, go up to them and say “Hey, hi, hello, I love your outfit”, and make sure you say thank you when someone says it to you!!


When you wake up, and you’re reflecting on your wonderful day, here’s a tip. If your outfit is a little sloshed from food or drink stains, get it to the drycleaner stat… Tis will prevent future moments when you go to bring out the next time for another similar event you’ll wear it to, and you won’t go “ahhhhh shit”…

Go forth and stomp..

Lou x

Here is some more noteworthy outfits

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