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WHITE JEANS… Yes way, or Passé

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Viva la White Jeans

There once was a girl in her early years who really liked Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears music with her girlfriends so much they wore white jeans in their wolf-packs. She thought that if she turned up to a bar on a Saturday night in her early years in her TIGHT (pretty sure they were transparent white jeans), that her milkshakes would bring all the boys to the yard…hahaha. (* I cannot confirm or deny that this story is about me, and I also am sure it didn't work.)

Alongside Britney and Christina, where did it all go wrong for the white jeans? This is one fashion bible question I’d like to delve into. Smash apart the connotations that people like me have been left to pick up, clean (with napi-san) and place back into modern day society without the past pretenses that have been left in their wake.

Through the years they became the uniform of the country girls with a stripe shirt (I secretly loved it), the die-hard Xtina fans wore them so low you could nearly see their lunch, and the Rachel from F*r*i*e*n*d*s followers did the “The Cut” AND the jeans.

These days I find them incredibly versatile, they can literally go with 20 things in my wardrobe. I have 3 pairs in my "repertoire". Yeah, I get the “WTF, they’re all the same Lou” … um no, they not.

I’m not preaching for you to go out and buy 3, but each pair has its own place in my wardrobe because I’m a stickler for making my pieces work for me. Now I’m no bona fide white-denim whisperer, but I have to pick and choose the day I’ll wear them because it’s a minefield out there. Why did that stupid sauce bottle that opened 5 meters away just “happen’ to splash and project ONE red dot on my white jeans right where red dots shouldn’t land. why...why.... whyyyyyyy!!

For me personally, I don’t like super tight skinny white jeans unless they're more higher waisted and i'm wearing with heels, and the fabric has to be slightly thicker than a normal stretch denim than I’d go for.

For my leg shape, I prefer my whites slightly raised to show off a bit of ankle as it’s slimming on the eye than a super tight full length skinny jean.

I feel the problem for a lot of women that stops them is that you may be thinking that the white jean makes the bottom half look fuller, and I disagree. It’s not the body wearing them, it’s simply because you haven’t found the one style that works for your shape. There is a plethora of styles, cuts, shapes, finishes just like us, so how can you expect you think that there’s only ONE jean to rule them all.

Casual with a stripey top, trench and sneakers.

My personal faves are the Nobody Denim Jeans.

So here’s my tips, and I’ve added in my favourite styles to get you thinking!

1. The Fit of the jean should be just right: Not too big, not too small. So just get onto it and spend time trying on.

2. The material of white jeans is important: You need to be careful with white jeans. Stick to a higher percentage of cotton in your white denim, I personally like 90-95% and above. This will allow you a bit of stretch, but not so much that it pulls and puckers, which on white pants is not a flattering look. If you are fuller figure, then opt for more stretch percentage for what feels comfortable. You will be the judge of this.

3. Do the transparent check: Make sure to double check that the material is very thicker than normal, some white jeans can be see-through and the last thing you want is your G-banger showing through. (this may have also happened to that girl in the story above... apparently)

4. Go cropped and straight leg if you want to show a bit of ankle to elongate the legs.

5. Invest: In whitener and stain remover PRONTO Tonto. And if you stain with red wine, blot with water or whatever you can straight away as it works.

6. YES you can wear through winter. It's about learning how to layer the pieces you have. Try a long knit over the top, and ankle boots with a coat over the top.

7. Going all white monochrome looks amazing in my books! Not a rule, just an observation. It’s effortless and has maximum impact.

8. Keep it simple to begin with: Don’t overthink, over-complicate and you can always cover up with a jacket or cardie till you get your white jean trainer wheels on.

9. You don’t need to Spend spend spend: You can find so many great styles from places such as Zara, H&M, Glassons.. just shop around.

10. If you’re worried about a muffin top, go high waisted as will bring in the eye to your sexiest part and bring it in.

Here are my top styles of white jeans that I've found online.

J Brand Jeans from The Iconic

If you've got any further areas in the white jean wardrobe woes, then I'd love to hear from you.

Lou x

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