Consultation and Wardrobe detox
Together we will spend a minimum of 2.5 hours together working through editing and learning with advice with what needs to stay or go, as well as co-ordinating what you already have to create your perfect wardrobe.
This at-home consultation includes extensive questionnaire, personal styling tips, a closet audit, wardrobe planning and outfit creation. I will look at your existing clothes, shoes, and accessories before making a tailored list of items to bring it all together.
Working from our list made in the consultation, together we will source pieces based on your personal style and lifestyle while working within your budget.
Spending this time together will give you the knowledge and confidence to shop smarter.
Shopping can be an overwhelming experience for some, so why not leave it to me to show you the way to get the most out ot it!
Per Hour.. 1hr $90. This can help you save money in the future by learning how to shop for items and not being overwhelmed.
$995 The full package
It is so easy to lose our way within our own wardrobes.. We are all guilty of wearing that same style over and over, and we forget that as we go through life, our lives and lifestyle evolve, but we still get in this rut of not changing and evolving ourselves!
The Package includes the wardrobe detox, Full day shopping, lunch while we shop and then time spent back at home re intergrating all the pieces we have bought together.
One off Styling
Louise can create one-off styling for formal occasions for all ages, Job interviews, Media print and Weddings. The budget depends on you and what's comfortable, My Job is to show you where is best to go and to get that look that makes you feel your best.

Hourly rate POA, but generally $90 an hour.
Style Gathering
$60 per person

I will tailor your own wee gathering for you and your girlfriends at your house, or mine for a night of wardrobe tips, Style advice and much more!
Styling for Men
I can help Men dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable, attractive and confident.
Saving you money, show you where to shop, and help you look good..Damn good!
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