The Lusting list 2017

February 2, 2017

Knowing what to try, and knowing your limits are where the lines sometimes blur with a fad or trend. There will always be the stock standard, and then there will be pieces that are standout, and some that are going to be around for a bit that are worth investing in.


We always start the new year by looking into the "future" and what it is that is trending whether that be social media, or the Media itself picking up off the latest runway. It starts with a hiss and a roar, but often, it can be too early and it gets lost in translation and doesn't pop up for a good year, or down here in the southern hemisphere this can evolve into our own kind of version.


I remember around 4 years ago, A beautiful brand I stocked on my website brought out "off the shoulder" tops. I instantly knew this would be a hit, and bought into it, but this ended up taking a good 12 months to be mainstream, and now is still on the hot lists.


I am no guru when it comes to knowing how I know other than it being instinctive, but what I am good at is seeing how it can work in my own wardrobe or yours.

Generally though, I try not to buy into them if need be just to be a follower (or it's a $500 tee that i'm lusting after and can't justify). I like to beat my own drum, unless I think there is something worthy of adding to something I own, or yours during a consultation.


Here are my Top items I see popping up for the next 18 months..


The embroidered logo Jacket 

The Logo tee

Pink (everything)

Statement Earrings to pack a punch

The Sweater...Make it ugly, make it yours.


Get into it or not.... but whatever you do, make it your own


x Lou 







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