The Shoe Dilemma

October 16, 2017



Recently on our family trip to the Gold Coast I reached a point in my “Inner Shopping Moral high ground” that has stuck with me heavily.


Prior to going I had saved some spending money JUST FOR ME.. no one else.. It tends to always go on your children as it does. I love that.. but these savings were pinned for an absolutely hammering at Pacific Fair just for Moi.


I’d made my list before I left, as shopping with a list gives you a clear picture and something to work with overtime rather than going in boots and all. More often than not you walk away or days later having horrible guilt or buyers regret. It something I work with my clients on, and something I adhere to.


So the Story goes that I’m all about “The List”, and one of my items was a “pair of Mules” as they are comfortable, make my hobbits feet look slim, oh yeah, and are cool.


So off we trotted (no pun intended) and found ourselves in Myer. I tried on a few pairs, but none that really made me LOVE them. Then they hit me like a tonne of bricks. Tony Bianco had a pair of coloured woven shoes that I’d seen around with other brands. But these and this style, I hadn’t see before!


I ummmed… I ahhhhhed… I couldn’t part with my savings as they were more than I wanted to spend. I walked away.I always suggest walking away, putting on hold and if you can’t stop thinking about it over the day, or night. Then maybe it’s a good idea if you aren’t going to blow your budget.


Sold.. to the nearest fashion lover… took me under an hour to decide that these needed to be in my life.


Did I feel a rush? Yep! I most certainly did and I still do!


Now, here’s where the Moral bit comes in.

I was back at the Apartment that night perusing the net looking for “dresses”.. I always do.. It’s my go to dreaming place, looking at pretty dresses on websites. Then.. it hit me!

I saw what I thought were my shoes, so I clicked on it as I loved them and just wanted to look at them again. We all do it.. come on!


The shoes that I thought were mine were actually Proenza Schouler and clearly mine were total rip offs!!

I felt betrayed, angry and almost in the dark. I’m a big sartorial follower and I’d never seen them, so I felt embarrassed. Embarrassed that I’d fallen for a culture that rips off the top end. I felt embarrassed too that if I walked past someone wearing the “real pair”, they’d snigger and laugh at me in my “Me too” shoes.


The feeling dissipated overtime and then I started to get a little happy that I’d been able to purchase a beautiful pair of shoes that I’d normally not be able to feel comfortable to purchase, as simply out of my budget. Hence the Morality that overwhelmed me.


There are some subtle differences, and only if I point them out could you possibly see them, but they are virtually the same. It happens everywhere, with everything and I guess what I learnt from this, if you are one to follow fashion, and have a love for pretty things, then get used to there being multiple copycats of multiple things.


God damn.. I still love them though















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