Screw it, let's do it!

February 18, 2019

I've been waiting for weeks to be able to sit down at my computer and just simply write...


I decided back in December to leave my post as Fashion buyer, fashion writer and stylist for a great business here in Christchurch to not only being a more "present Mum and wife" but to also concentrate on the core values that make me happy as someone in the fashion industry. It took me months to have the courage to do this, and in the end after a sleepless night I woke and said "screw it, let's do it"!!


So what does makes me happy? 


Apart from my kids (most days...), my husband, my girlfriends and an excellent bottle of bubbles and dancing. It's being able to impart knowledge on fashion, styling and helping people see for themselves the difference they can make by simply making small changes to their wardrobes.


I thought I’d start with a simple piece of advice that I always talk about when I first meet my clients.


It's important that when we go through the process of evolution in our wardrobe, that we still stay true to ourselves. If you're one of the lucky few who knows their own personal style, then hats off to you. But, if you’re like the 99% who are lost, or simply stuck in not knowing what kind of style personality they are, then I always get my clients to sit and think about 2 or 3 people whose style they like.


This can be celebrities, friends, and family members... anyone who you look to for inspiration. You'll quickly find that these people will have style similarities and you'll start to see and feel yourself what makes yours tick and is a good place to start (without being all single white female on them).


Pinterest is another great tool I recommend for when you’re stuck. Start boards with the types of fashion you like, as it can be a great way to start planning and wearing similar things you already have.


My go-to has always been Olivia Palermo for a number of reasons. She has the fashion world at the tip of her finger, she's a chameleon, has top designers as buddies, and a bank balance to match it, but she will always mix high-street brands like Zara with Balenciaga, Top Shop and Stella McCartney and the list goes on. She never makes me feel like I can't attain a similar look when I’m stuck in my own wardrobe (which is more often than you think).


So next time you’re stuck, look around you.. Who do you admire?


Till next time


Lou x




If you're thinking about touching base with me to book a consultation, get in touch with me by emailing or give me a call on 0272464604





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