STOP Scarfing Around

February 27, 2019



Let me ask you this... hands up, how many of you out there put something on because at the time you're feeling "daring" in the wardrobe, and go "Yeah.. nailed it", then proceed to walk out the door, take one last look in the mirror and say to yourself "what are you thinking? take it off you loser!!" (I'm waving my right hand up for sure)


I was asked this week "Lou, can you look into the neck scarf debacle for me? I always put one on, feel a little lost and end up taking it off". 


Well readers, I thought this would be a good opportunity to let know a little secret. I can assure you that the beautiful fashion images you see, or confident person wearing them, has had at times the exact thoughts. Over a period of time they've grown in confidence and carried it off by allowing their inner monologue to quieten. 


We unfortunately sometimes hold onto the notion that by wearing something that people don't normally see on us, will guide them to ask questions.  In actual fact they are a little envious that you've had the balls to do so, and look amazing while your at it.


My guide when i'm discussing these types of questions with my clients is to start small, get used to wearing it round home. Maybe venture out or wear it when you've got friends over and you'll instantly feel confident once the compliments start flowing.


For me personally, I love to wear a finer satin or silk scarf because it's not so bulky around my neck and to catch my crumbs as I like to keep my thicker ones for wearing in my hair. I tend keep my outfits simpler on the days I am wearing one so that the scarf becomes the main accessory, and it isn't competing with my outfit.


There aren't any rules per-say around necklines, outfits or patterns as everyone has their own perception and you will be guided by your own wardrobes. But just remember that if your choking.... remove it, and if it's over your mouth.... join the nearest gang.


I've decided to take some pics of myself wearing mine as a head scarf which I do often, and I've also added in some gorgeous ones I found online to peruse and where to purchase your very own!


Go forth, conquer be daring my dear friends..


Don't forget, If you've got a pressing style question, ask away by getting in touch by email at or private message me on Facebook. I am enjoying the questions from you readers and also the requests for wardrobe consultations.


Lou x



 ABOVE: Rag & Bone $137 Shopbop

 ABOVE: Superette Leopard Scarf $49

ABOVE: ZARA Pleated Scarf $19.90 


 ABOVE: Madewell scarf $29 Shopbop


 ABOVE: Fendi silk scarf $345NZ Nordstrom (This is to die for)





Click on the Gallery below for a step-by-step guide to wear your own headscarf.
















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