March 14, 2019


WARNING….. If you’re well past the maternity stage of life, then I suggest you scroll past, or tag someone you know is having a bebe…


I had to look twice recently when a friend messaged and said “Help… I need prego inspo of the non tent/smock/mumu kind!!” I was so blown away and happy for her,  as I have a feeling all wasn’t planned, but life has a HILARIOUS way of presenting us things when they’re meant to.


15 years ago when I swelled with my first born on let’s face it, only 7 pounds of baby, and the rest with KFC chips, salt and vinegar chips, and basically anything that had the word chips, fashion in the world of maternity had eluded the concept of people thinking pregnant women would want to feel nice. From memory the only place that had half decent stuff was so overpriced, and made you look more like a nana than a new mum.


I spent my money on one decent pair of jeans from EGG, and then I either wore to death long glasson’s T’-shirts that I could layer (who’s with me 2014 Mum Alumini?) or a long plain dress from Pumpkin Patch maternity and I think I rotated this for the last 4 months. Up until then I was just wearing my normal clothes because I was already rather on the sizable size for my frame.


It’s our god-given right to feel beautiful while carrying/lumbering/waddling with child, and I didn’t enjoy pregnancy as much as my preggie mum friends. They seemed to have glowed, floated and strolled through it while I swelled, bloated and schlepped through it. I really battled with those days when all I wanted to do was feel nice, knowing I couldn’t. Fashion for me is my THING, its gets my blood pumping, and it had beaten me into a pregnancy submission.  I couldn’t turn to a nice soft cheese, salmon platter and a glass of pinot to ease my worries (you feeling my pain Katie?)


Being Pregnant doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your personal style. I can assure you, there will be days when all you feel like doing is moping round home in your jim jams, buy hey… who doesn’t on any given day!


My advice is to find say 3-4 key pieces that you can revolve as under layers like a simple dress, good jeans and tops that dress-up or down with a cardigan, leather jacket or cool blazer and at the end of the day, you’re never going to outgrow your accessories so invest in more cost effective things like simple scarves, jewelry and shoes that you can wear again and again for years to come. I think I burnt or tossed my maternity clothes after our third as I never wanted to see them again!!


So that said, while writing this, I’ve come across some great looks and websites ambling with a multitude of outfits and budgets. Sites such as ASOS, The Iconic, Next, Shopbop.

So here are my favourite looks and some inspo for you where to buy!


Happy perusing Mumma's to be!!


X Lou 


Click the shop links below for where to hunt your faves..
















Till next time..


Lou xx


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