June 25, 2019


A decent white tee in my opinion should always be in your repertoire, it’s up there with your trusty jeans that make your butt look it’s best and a good fitting blazer.


It has endless styling capabilities, and before you can say “sure Lou, good luck with keeping that clean” I’ve done 3 looks to give you some idea on how you can style up such a simple classic piece.


Like I always say, and people are likely sick of me saying it, but it's good to make sure when you are buying a piece, to reflect on what ways can you wear it with everything else you already own. 


I found this great tee out at Louis Who in Waikuku. If your Canterbury based I urge you to check out the range of new and consignment pieces the girls have out there... (and the good cafe while you're at it)


I’ve stuck to a minimal black and white look for continuity. 




Pictured below: Country Road blazer belted over my simple white tee and Stolen Girlfriend Flares (All of which I've owned for years.)

 Pictured below: white tee, grey denim, neck tie and beige boots. 

 Pictured below: Same tee, earrings, Zara leather skirt, gold clutch and green heels    for an evening look.



So… how and what do you look for in a good one?


I always gravitate to a good cotton, a crew neck, longer in the body and personally because of my body shape I prefer a boxy man-style tee. I like slightly longer sleeves and a tiny bit of room in the tee so that it’s not too clingy.


This is where it comes down to a personal preference. You might like V-necks, crew necks, slightly longer sleeves, rolled up sleeves, fitted or slub. The choice is yours and there is every budget to cater for. A slogan tee is also another nice way to add in a different element.



Finding that perfect tee is something that you’ll know as soon as you try it on.

There’s a sense of sophistication that comes with wearing such a simple piece and it’s your style personality that will be the essence that will make it your own.


On a recent trip to Queenstown, I paired my fave white tee with a big red heart on the front, with my jeans and a fur. I resided in this outfit all day with the intention of changing to head out on the town for the night, but as I felt stylish, possibly wine induced, and feeling confident enough to carry on into town. It was easy to see that wearing a tee out on the night is clearly the done thing as a lot of others had done the same.  


Simply pairing with a beautiful necklace and heels, nice and simple, but verrrrrry eeeeeeffective!!


I’ve found some great styles to share with you and some styling ideas to take your look up a notch.


There’s a giant range of shapes and I really had no idea how many there really were if I’m honest so here’s my top pics!




Pictured below: Jac and Jack tee from Superette 


Pictured below: Country Road Crew Neck tee



 Pictured Below: Marc Jacobs slogan tee from Shopbop



Pictured below: Goldie tee from Shopbop



Pictured below: Madewell tee from Shopbop 



Pictured below: Vince tee from Shopbop 



Pictured Below: Country Road tee 



Pictured below: Country Road tee 



Just a few more inspo pics that I love courtesy of Pinterest..








If you have any more queries feel free to give me a call or email at louise@livestylelove.co.nz I'd love to hear from you!!


Till next time


x Lou 




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